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2008 Student Christmas Party

I am very happy with the student Christmas party that was held on Dec 21st at the dance studio this year. The performances were excellent and I congratulate everyone who got up an danced. I was so very proud for a lot of you who put yourselves out there for the first time!

Intensives and Other Going-ons that are Just Around the Corner

Classes are well under way, the hole in the ceiling is fixed, the air conditioning unit is being installed and a direct entrance to the studio space is just about ready for us to use. Things are going well in the new space and are about to get better!

Rectangular Veil Intensives

Classes and other going's on...

I am very pleased to say that classes are off to a great start and I am very happy with 'La rentree' this year. The women & the energy in the classes is wonderful and I am looking forward to working with all of you! I'd like to give a tip of the hat to Sharon for helping me stay organized. With the exception of the huge hole in the ceiling (that I was told would be fixed by the end of this month), I must say that the new studio space is very nice and I feel very good teaching there.

A New Season Is Just About Upon Us...

With September just around the corner, dance classes are soon to start, filling the air with sounds of shimmy belts for another year of delightful dancing.

The Atlantic Dance Festival presents Yasmina Ramzy : August 9th & 10th, 2008, in Moncton NB

Hello Dancers!

I'm pleased to share the news that the Atlantic Dance Festival, being held in Moncton from Aug 8th to the 10th, is bringing in Bellydance Artist Yasmina Ramzy from Arabesque in Toronto this year!

Dancing & Teaching at the Multicultural Festival

I enjoyed offering a mini-performance and bellydance lesson at the Moncton Farmers Market last Saturday as part of MAGMAs Rendez-vous Festival.

This article , which speaks about a new resident to our community, Ruhi Gadkar, is accompanied by a picture of some students following me in a dance.

I'd like to thank MAGMA for having me as part of their festival again this year.
It was fun!

Wonderful Job Everyone!

Many thanks to all involved with the event last night. It was Great! The Times & Transcript was there and they printed this small story in today's paper  and I've received many comments by spectators and participants so far, including the following:

I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to perform last nite. It was a great show and I love performing. - M.H.

In 24 hrs it'll be a wrap

Well tomorrow is just about here and things are going well in the preparations for the show. I am getting really excited and am looking forward to dancing for everyone that is planning on attending! I'm happy to report that ticket sales are good and I'm expecting a very nice crowd.

Year End Student Haflah

Things are coming along nicely in preparation for the Haflah to be held on the 20th. The students are doing a Wonderful job with their dances and it promises to be a very good show. One of the pieces joins 2 different classes together bringing over 15 women to the stage, another sees myself and some of my students dancing a beautiful piece with Isis Wings. I am starting to become very excited and am grateful for all the hard work everyone is putting into creating the upcoming evening.