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10th year celebration night recap

Yesterday just hapenend to be International Bellydance Day and it was FUN!'

I am very grateful for all the wonderful moments experienced, joy shared and work accomplished. We had a successful bazaar with a wonderful selection of costumes, hips scarves, music, tops, pants, hats and jewelry. The workshop was Great! Very informative with a nice combination of simple to complex combinations. I especially appreciated and enjoyed the warm up and the way Tara allowed us to experience the rhythms thru simple walking & clapping exercises.

Celebrating this Saturday

Things are coming together nicely for the event this Saturday and I am starting to get very excited. I am looking forward to learning along side students and peers & dancing for everyone that evening. I especially look forward to enjoying Tara's performance. What better way to celebrate 10 years of dancing than by watching one's first muse dance again?'

Yummy Menu for Saturday!

Arrival - hummus, olives, pita

Appetizer- Roasted Pepper and mint soup\

Main Options:Lemon Roasted Chicken Platter or Roasted Eggplant Platter

Main course served with Spiced Brown Rice, stuffed grape leaves, and Yogurt and cucumber salad, and pita.

Dessert - Baklava and choice of Chocolate Spiced Chai or Cafe Cardamom