A Weekend of Bellydance Magic

Turkish Roman & Turkish Oriental Workshop & Show with Elise Olmi

Elise is a Montreal-based dancer who adores both the Turkish and Egyptian styles of Oriental dance. She is an enthusiastic traveller who has made many journeys to the Middle East for over 16 years and it was through the beautiful Turkish and Arabic music encountered during her Middle-Eastern journeys that she was first drawn to Oriental Dance. From the time of her first foray into the art form in 1999, Elise became instantly hooked, and has pursued training through numerous Oriental dance intensives in Canada, the US, and Egypt as well as private dance classes in Istanbul and Cairo. In the last 3 years Elise has performed in Istanbul with a Turkish roman orchestra for the Holiday season.

Elise takes every opportunity to let herself be inspired by Middle Eastern dancers in formal and informal settings. This has allowed her to further her knowledge and understanding of the rich variety of music and dance that can be found throughout this part of the world. Her journeys have included extended stays in Egypt and Turkey, which have helped her develop her connection to the music and cultivate a style that reflects her own personality.

With her genuine heart, Elise is never one to play too much of the diva. It is her pleasure to entertain and make people happy; her performances showcase an honest dedication to performance and passionate feeling for the music.

By the end of the week-end students learned key elements to a complete Turkish style set including increased familiarity with the 9/8 rhythm, turkish oriental entrance, an intricate drum solo & turkish roman stylings.

Before September 15th, 2009:
Saturday & Sunday $140
Saturday Only $75
Sunday Only $75.

After September 15th 2009:
Saturday & Sunday $150
Saturday Only $80
Sunday Only $80.

Show Tickets $15

Workshop Schedule

09:00-10:30 Registration & Bazaar
10:30-12:30 Intro to 9/8 Rhythm & Turkish Roman
12:30-12:30 Lunch & Bazaar & Turkish Roman Videos
13:30-15:30 Turkish Roman cont'd & Turkish Oriental Entrance

09:30-10:30 Registration & Bazaar
10:30-12:30 Drills for Drum Solo Techniques
12:30-13:30 Lunch & Bazaar
13:30-15:30 Turkish Style Drum Solo & Free Style Dancing to Review Techniques

Workshop Show

A bellydance show featuring dancers from around the Maritimes and starring Elise Olmi from Montreal was given at the Lion's Community Centre located at 473 St George street on October 17th. Door opened at 7:30pm and the show started at 8pm. Workshop registration was with Barbara Aubie at Studio Sephira and show tickets were available from Studio Sephira, at Cafe Aberdeen & at the door.

All events took place at the :
Moncton Lions Community Center
473 St George Street, Moncton, NB ~Map~