Scholarship Fund

Studio Sephira Scholarship Fund
Founded in 2013, the Studio Sephira Scholarship Fund provides students with financial resources to assist them in maintaining or furthering their study of the Art of Bellydance. Working with visual artists, the Studio Sephira Scholarship Fund will also raise funds for community based projects & organizations.

2013-14 campaign
The 2013-2014 campaign raised $170 for Support to Single Parents inc. and $170 for the Studio Sephira Scholarship Fund. Matching this amount, Studio Sephira is able to award a total of $340 in scholarships for single mothers who wish to further their dance studies. Three prizes of $165, $105 & $70 will be awarded in May 2015.

The March 2015 scholarships are available to any single parent who has taken classes at Studio Sephira, first time belly dance students are not eligible.

• To apply write a 350 word essay on the topic: “What Bellydance Means To Me”.
• Scholarship fund can pay for Regular classes, Intensive Sessions and/or Private lessons offered at Studio Sephira.
• The Scholarship must be used within 8 months of being awarded or the money returns to the Scholarship fund to be re-distributed.

•Application forms will be distributed upon request
•Student must submit completed form and written essay to Studio Sephira no later than April 30, 2015
• 1st, 2nd & 3rd prizes will be drawn at random and winners will be announced on March 20th, 2015

2015 Scholarship Fund Campaign

Scholarship recipient
Each fund-raising campaign will enable Studio Sephira to award 50% of the proceeds to various students to help them with class tuition. The 2015 campaign will fund one or more scholarships for active students who wish to further their dance studies.

Featured artist: Erica Smalley

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