About Barb

Barbara Aubie, B.A.

Barbara has been studying, teaching and performing Bellydancing for over 20 years and her work covers a number of different styles such as Vintage Oriental (AmCab), Egyptian (Folkloric, Vintage, Modern), Turkish (Folkloric, Vintage) and Tribal Improvisation (ATS, ITS, Fusion). She has her BA in History/Sociology, is well experienced in a number of body-mind healing modalities and has over 10 years experience working with women in the non-profit sector. She combines all her training with her Bellydance practice to give her students a safe, fun & well-rounded experience that includes a lot more than the fundamentals of this beautiful art form.

Barbara has been working with women, mindfulness and the body since the late 1990s. She is passionate about helping women find their power and embody it in their daily lives. As a Bellydance artist and teacher, she continuously cultivates her understanding of movement and the creativity that can come from being in the present moment. As her journey in this art form unfolds, so does her ability to share her knowledge with others so that they may also find joy and healing while cultivating a relationship with their body. Her time at the local non-profit agency Support to Single Parents inc. has given her the training and the opportunity to work with women to help them achieve and maintain emotional health in their daily lives, especially after having lived unhealthy and/or abusive situations. She has come to learn the importance of embodying a mind-body connection and has been studying and integrating various psycho-physical approaches to healing trauma such as Body-mind Centering, Somatics and Hakomi into all areas of her work with women.

Alongside all of her personal research during the 20+ years she has been studying the art of Bellydance, she has had training in a wide variety of subjects with teachers such as Morocco, Sahra Kent, Artemis Mourat, Yasmena Ramzy, Elise Olmi, Nita Collins, Tara Harper, Amir Thaleb, Elizabeth Stong, Hadia, Aziza, Princess Farhana, Reyhan Tzuzu, Amina Beers, Amar Gamal, Cathy Linfeild, Elinor Crosby, Nawal Doucette, Leslie M, Tarik Sultan, Denise Enan, Bellyqueen, Shira, Nadira Jamal, Bozenka, Abira, Mira Betz and many more.

Barbara founded her school, Studio Sephira, in the Spring of 2000 where her mind-body approach to learning is applied in a wide variety of classes for beginner to advance level students. The schools curriculum covers not only dance technique and movement vocabulary specific to different styles of Bellydance, but it also covers choreography work, improvisation skills, music theory as well as the history and culture of the art form. Classes, workshops, special events, shows and retreats are offered year round to help students not only gently learn to embody the varied and sometimes complex movement vocabulary of this art form but also to allow them to connect to the ever growing community that the school cultivates. Her wish is for each woman to find her inner dancer and give her permission to shine.

Aside from experiencing her spirit soar while dancing or meditating, two of her greatest joys are spending time in nature and spending quality time with friends. She loves sharing her passion with her students, especially her 80+ year old mother who dances with her every week. She also loves good food and great stories. She is always grateful when she can dive into history and mythology but especially so when this time allows her to learn and understand more about the roles women play in these accounts. She is an avid fan of sci-fi and fantasy genres and can geek-out with the best of them when given a chance. She lives with her partner and their 2 cats in Dieppe, NB.

Telephone: (506) 383-8138
Email: sephira@nb.sympatico.ca