... what's been happening ...

Moving house in my personal life has taken a lot of my focus in the past 2 months and so extra projects like playing with the web site and the hiring & training of a new assistant have taken the back burner. Now that I am fairly well settled into my new home, my focus is starting to set on the Year End Show being presented on June 20th.

The intermediate students are doing great as we are starting to play with the pieces that are going to be danced in the show. The intensives created to learn and practice other numbers are turning out to be really fun and creative to teach and the students who are participating are really doing a fantastic job with the material being shown.

Marcelle from Boutique Isis in Montreal was just as the studio last night selling some beautiful pieces to students who made it for the sale. She will be leaving me some items to bring to class and sending me some more to complete the selection. I bought myself a new costume and I am very excited to dance my solo in it at the show.

The Wesley Memorial Church, on the corner of St George & Cameron, has been reserved and I am looking forward to working with them again. Lights, sound and other supports are being confirmed and it looks like we will have the DVD from last years show available for sale at the event.

Putting on such a event takes a lot of hard work from many people - some we never get to meet like those who create the wonderful costumes we wear the evening of. So far it has been a pleasure to work with everyone involved in getting this years performance ready and up to par. I look forward to the process of getting from here to the evening of June 20th and dancing for those who are able to attend.