September is just around the corner...

Since my last update, a lot of wonderful dance experiences have happened in my life. The one that brought me most joy is the June show that I put on with my students. I felt it was a most amazing success and, if I go by the feedback I received in the hours, days & months following the event, so did the students and audience members. Just last week I met someone who was there and they enthusiastically shared their appreciation for the evening spent enjoying the variety of dances, beautiful costumes and smiling faces of the students. I was so very proud of all the hard work each and everyone put into their performances. I especially appreciated the pleasure I felt from the women as they went thru the process of learning the pieces to actually dancing them for everyone there that evening. It was a fun show to prepare & perform and it is an experience that leaves me excited at the idea of the show that we will prepare & perform at the end of this coming season.

A highlight for me this summer was participating in the Workshop & Show with Elizabeth Strong held in Bridgetown NS in July. Upon learning that Elizabeth missed her flight after being held up at customs and unable to be at the workshop location before 3pm on Saturday, the organizers asked John Butters, another Moncton teacher, & I to each offer a workshop on Saturday morning. I gladly gave a Rectangular Veil workshop that was very well received by the participants. Having had the opportunity to connect with everyone that morning positively fueled the veil improvisation piece that I performed at the evening show. The workshop itself was fantastic. It is the second time I take a Turkish Roman workshop and I am enjoying learning this style of dance. Elizabeths teaching style was direct and easy to follow and her performances on Saturday evening were brilliant, especially the finale done in the Roman style.

A very precious moment I experienced this summer was dancing at the wedding reception for my friend, and fellow dancer, Nicole. Nicole & Alex were married on a cliff overlooking the ocean in beautiful Antigonish, NS. I had the honor & joy to dance in this breath taking scenery for these two amazing people and their guests. Thank you, Nicole & Alex, for inviting me into the memories of that special day!

At this time I am working on this & that to prepare for the 2009-2010 session, including the Workshop & Show with Elise Olmi in October. Before things get good & started however, I will be attending another workshop being offered by the Tatamagouche Centre in NS. Mind-Body Approaches to Transforming Social and Personal Trauma will be offered from September 3rd to the 6th and I am very, very much looking forward to being immersed in this challenging & enlightening experience. I am certain that this training will enable me to bring out even more nuances of the healing gifts that this amazing dance brings to those who practice it.