March 15, 2020: Coronavirus and Social Distancing Announcement

Hello students and friends of the Studio, 

Like everyone else, I have been closely following what has been happening with the Coronavirus in our country, province and community and I have been working on my plan to respond to the social distancing guidelines our governments and health officials are recommending. Promoting health, wellness and community are some of the things I hold dear for my school and so in order to help curb the spread of the virus and protect the loved-ones in our lives who are vulnerable we will not hold any classes or events at the Studio and instead offer online classes until we have a better idea of the situation we are dealing with. 

This is a stressful time for us all and dance is one of the things that we can engage in to help us regulate our thoughts and emotions so I am working very hard to set things up to continue offering the current classes online. In order to give myself enough time to make certain that this new initiative is implemented with as much ease as possible, I’ve decided to cancel the Introduction to Bellydance and Continuing Fun classes on Monday the 16th with the goal of starting these virtual classes on March the 18th with the Wednesday night Sword class. 

A big part of the fun we experience when dancing is sharing the moment with others and I will miss seeing all of you in class but I am hopeful that we can extend our sense of community and camaraderie towards each other using the many options that the internet offers. I will follow up with information on the platform we will use to stream the classes for those that want to interact and participate in this way as well as information for those who will want to continue by video recordings. 

The end of session student show scheduled for the 4th of April will also be postponed and re-scheduled for a later date to be determined. Also, the Shimmy Mob group practices will also be suspended until on-site classes re-start. I will add the possibility of the Moncton Team working together remotely to my list of plans and follow the guidelines that Sabeya and her team at the head office suggests during this time. 

I want thank you all of you for your cooperation and understanding in this time. We are undoubtedly in uncharted waters and I plan on following the recommendations that our governments and health officials puts forward so that we can navigate the currents together with the goal of supporting our front line workers and slow the spread of the virus. Please do not hesitate to connect with me if you have any questions. Wishing everyone only the best for yourselves and the ones around you that you love until we see each other again at the Studio. 

xo Barb

Embody coordination, balance and strength through movement 

Sephira’s classes are fun and allow students to progress at their own pace. Her enormous knowledge of different Bellydance styles with a focus on improvisation and the body mind connection inspires and guides you. Bellydancing is a journey of self-discovery that benefits all ages and fitness levels of women, boosting their confidence in a fun, sociable setting. 

More benefits… 

* Improves your balance, coordination and flexibility 
* Strengthens the muscles that stabilize your joints and spine 
* Enhances heart health 
* Boosts confidence and mental wellness 
* Creates new social connections & joins friends together in fun!