Monday January 21 class cancelled because of road conditions

Make up class at 4pm on March 10

Considering the road conditions, especially when over half the student in the Monday night Introduction to Bellydance class are coming in from outside of town, I've decided to cancel the class tonight.

If you are a student in the class I would really appreciate it if you can let me know that you have seen this announcement by sending a pm. 


Embody coordination, balance and strength through movement 

Sephira’s classes are fun and allow students to progress at their own pace. Her enormous knowledge of different Bellydance styles with a focus on improvisation and the body mind connection inspires and guides you. Bellydancing is a journey of self-discovery that benefits all ages and fitness levels of women, boosting their confidence in a fun, sociable setting. 

More benefits… 

* Improves your balance, coordination and flexibility 
* Strengthens the muscles that stabilize your joints and spine 
* Enhances heart health 
* Boosts confidence and mental wellness 
* Creates new social connections & joins friends together in fun!