Make up classes on Sunday, December 16th

Hope everyone is having a good storm day! Please note that classes are cancelled for tonight so stay safe and warm and maybe take some time to shimmy and play with your veil to some of your favorite music as you ride out the rest of the storm.

Make up classes will be held on December 16th in studio #2. The Bellydancing with Shimmies class will run from 4:40 to 6pm and the  Bellydancing with Veil class will run from 7:45-9:05pm.

Please note - The official policy is to announce cancellations 3hrs before class but when places like the UdeM and NBCC campuses announce they are closing I go ahead and share the notification earlier in the day.


Embody coordination, balance and strength through movement 

Sephira’s classes are fun and allow students to progress at their own pace. Her enormous knowledge of different Bellydance styles with a focus on improvisation and the body mind connection inspires and guides you. Bellydancing is a journey of self-discovery that benefits all ages and fitness levels of women, boosting their confidence in a fun, sociable setting. 

More benefits… 

* Improves your balance, coordination and flexibility 
* Strengthens the muscles that stabilize your joints and spine 
* Enhances heart health 
* Boosts confidence and mental wellness 
* Creates new social connections & joins friends together in fun!