Over 20 years ago, a traumatic event changed the course of Barbara Aubie’s life forever. In fact, she embarked on a transformative journey that included Bellydancing to heal  herself and now works to support other women who are drawn to healing themselves physically and emotionally. 

In 2000, Barbara founded Studio Sephira, honoring her dance performance name Sephira, meaning emanations from the Tree of Life, which embodies her passion to support other women in an open, safe space while finding their Inner Joy! 

As creative founder of Studio Sephira, Barbara’s wealth of knowledge in a variety of styles of Bellydance and two (2) decades of expertise makes her one of the most sought-after professional belly dancing teachers in New Brunswick.

Telephone: (506) 383-8138 

Photo by / par Rachelle Richard-Léger

Photo by / par Rachelle Richard-Léger