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Online Drum Solo Choreography Class
  • Online Drum Solo Choreography Class
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Embody coordination, balance and strength through movement.

In this 5 week online choreography class students will work on an NEW Drum Solo Choreography that will help them embody movement vocabulary found in the shimmy family while layering graceful arms and hands. Students will learn about the historical and cultural context of the peice that is set to the Fred Elias Ensemble’s song Malfouf Drum Solo (Arabic) from the album Elegant Music For Belly Dance, Vol 3 (available for purchase online) and will be given the opportunity to film a performance of the choreography that will be added to an online showcase. A student must have completed the Introduction to Bellydance class at Studio Sephira or the equivalent with another Bellydance teacher to register.

The class will run from 6:30-7:30pm on Wednesday evenings starting September 9th, 2020. A video link to the recording will be sent to students on Thursday and will be available for viewing until the following Wednesday allowing everyone to either review the lesson or make-up the class if they were absent. This class will be taught in English but French students are encouraged to contact the teacher if they require clarification.

The cost of the 5-week session is $75 (HST included) and students who register for both the Monday (starts Sep 7) and Wednesday night classes receive a $10 discount. This special is not valid with any other promotions and there are no refunds once a payment is made. Registration for this class is now open and will close on September 9th at 2pm. To reserve your spot send your name, telephone number, email address and make arrangements for payment either by phone (Visa, Mastercard) with Barbara at 383-8138 or online (e-transfer, PayPal) to the email address [] with [bellydance] as the answer to the security question.

Bellydance classes with Barbara Aubie at Studio Sephira for Fun, Fitness, Wellness or to Study of the Art of Bellydance.

Photo by Rachel Richard

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Be The Canvas weekend workshop & show with Yasmina Ramzy

NEW DATES in AUGUST 2021 !!!

NEW DATES in AUGUST 2021 !!!

Dear BTC Registrants, 

Hope you are keeping well and surviving these exceptional times. Your hosts Barbara, Kaleena and I just want to touch base with you. We have been in contact with each other and keeping a close eye on the situation concerning COVID-19 and when the world will open up again. 

Because of safety measures for COVID-19 the  October 22-25, 2020 dates will be too soon to hold the event and enjoy its full experience. We have been able to secure better dates exactly a year from now at August 19-22, 2021 with the Technique Workshop on August 19 and Be the Canvas on August 20-22. 

We hope this works better for you in order not to experience stress. We look forward to being together in full creative and freely expressive mode at that time. 

Take care, be safe, 


Yasmina & Barb & Kaleena 


Yasmina Ramzy Arts 



Workshop Information

“We heal the world when strong, unique women express their power by reclaiming and reuniting with their glorious bodies.” 
Yasmina Ramzy 


Studio Sephira is proud to be co-hosting this one of a kind workshop with LUNA Belly Dance and welcomes you to be a participant in the creative process with Yasmina Ramzy as she creates an innovative and original choreography with dancers of all levels gathered together for 12 hours over 3 days culminating in a performance. 

Friday 6-9pm 
Saturday 11am- 6pm 
Sun 11am-2pm plus performance later in day. 

Be prepared to rehearse at home Saturday evening. 
One size fits all costumes provided. 
Limit 20 participants. $299 (Option #2) 

No refunds. Transfers are allowed. 

To register:


In addition to the Be The Canvas workshop, Yamina will also offer a Technique Inside Out workshop from 6-8pm, on August 19 where participants will learn in depth technique revelations to completely transform their approach to Raqs Sharqi movement. This workshop is for beginner to seasoned professionals and has a limit of 20 students. The cost for the Technique Inside Out workshop is $69 (Option #1). 

There is a Combo Package available for both the Be The Canvas & Technique Workshop for $329 (SAVE $39) (Option #3). 

A Deluxe Package is also available. It includes the Be The Canvas weekend, the Technique workshop, a Half hour Private coaching, a One month free streaming 30 hours of online classes and a YR Arts t-shirt. The value of this package is $487 but the Special Deluxe Package is offered for $399 (SAVE $88) (Option #4). 

There is a BONUS Lecture entitled Raqs Sharqi as Spiritual Empowerment that is FREE to everyone taking place from 8:15-9:15pm on August 19. 

The Sunday (TBA afternoon or evening) PERFORMANCE TICKETS are $25 in advance or $30 at the door and are available for purchase online to be picked up at the door. 

No refunds. Transfers are allowed. 

To register:



Yasmina Ramzy draws out the individual talents of all the participants while creating emotional and intricate ensemble choreography that has impact. 

Dance Artists – You learn to harness your emotions as a true interpreter 

Teachers – You learn how to guide students into harnessing their talent 

Company Directors – You learn how to conduct productive rehearsals 

Choreographers – You learn where to discover inspiration and creativity 

Achieve new artistic heights of expression that audiences will respond to in a visceral way. 

How Does Be The Canvas Work: 

In real time, the music is chosen as a group and the inspiration ensues, always original. Yasmina views ensemble dancers as different limbs of one body in three dimensional space. True art is created when you have no rules, tricks or crutches. Jump into the limitless possibilities with Yasmina as support and guide. This is a unique learning experience. The skills you gain are through first hand experience that will transform you fundamentally as a powerful artist. 

Yasmina Ramzy is best known for her large ensemble choreography with over 20 major dance companies internationally including Arabesque Dance Company & Orchestra and the Bellydance Superstars. Intricate, complex, nuanced and soulful, her creativity is always highly acclaimed and ground-breaking. 

PROGRAMME (12 hours often over a Fri, Sat, Sun): 

1/ experiment with music and styles while Yasmina assesses the skills of the dancers involved as well as emotional responses (3 hours) 

2/ create ensemble choreography with elaborate staging and emotional nuance (6 hours) 

3/ rework sections if necessary, confirm position changes, rehearse and sync dancers, polish technique, dress rehearsal (3 hours) 

4/ performance (one size fits all costumes supplied by Yasmina for ad hoc groups or troupes can supply their own costumes) 


Bio Yasmina Ramzy: 

Yasmina Ramzy is a visionary and pioneer. Her prolific and highly sought after choreography is best known for its originality, elaborate staging and full range of emotional expression. She has created over 200 ensemble choreographies for 25 dance companies in USA and Canada including Arabesque Dance Company & Orchestra, Earthshakers and Bellydance Superstars. 

As mentor to countless professional Raqs Sharqi dance artists, Yasmina is known as a "Dance Whisperer" inspiring individuality and a path to artistic self expression. Her passion to represent an authentic art form compelled her to create 7 large international dance festivals featuring discussion and debate while staging as many as 150 artists in each festival and presenting over 50 master teachers such as Dina Talaat, Mahmoud Reda, Mohamed Khalil and Aida Nour. 

Yasmina received her primary training from various teachers in Egypt and Syria. Since 1981, she has taught in more than 65 cities around the world. Yasmina has performed extensively in the Middle East, primarily with the master Muwashahaat trained musicians of Aleppo, Syria. Her full length six day theatrical productions have been presented 10 times with as many as 45 dancers and musicians at a time. Some of her productions have toured in USA, Greece, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and across Canada. 

Yasmina has been awarded several arts grants from all three levels of government for her ground breaking and authentic choreography as well receiving awards from Arab communities for helping to nurture and uplift Arab dance and live music. She has produced 7 CDs and 15 DVDs. Currently, Yasmina teaches daily in Toronto as well as online, directs four dance companies (one online), offers the "Be The Canvas" programs in various cities, writing a book and in Spring 2020 will stage a new vision in presenting Raqs Sharqi dance and music with the production entitled "Al Qamar". 


To register: