Continuing Fundamentals for Bellydance
  • Continuing Fundamentals for Bellydance
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Embody coordination, balance and strength through movement.

When: 7:45-9:05pm Monday evenings starting January 7th, 2019.

Registration for this class is now open and will close on January 9th at 2pm. To reserve your spot make your payment with:

  • Barbara either in person or online (cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, e-transfer, PayPal)

Cost: 14-week sessions are $210 (HST included) We have a no-refund policy, but a very generous makeup class policy. Ask Barbara for details.

Description: In these 14-week mixed-level Intermediate classes, a student builds on her movement vocabulary while working on skills that will help develop her abilities with improvisation and choreography. Although we will sometimes venture into other styles, in this class we mainly use the lens of American Cabaret style Bellydance to learn how to put together all the elements that can make up a routine.

Traditionally, we can find up to 9 parts in an AmCab routine and so there are some key concepts that we continuously work within this class as well as every intermediate class. They are: - the Entrance and Finale sections where emphasis is placed on embodying traveling steps while playing finger cymbals - the Rectangular Veil section when emphasis is placed on embodying the skills to interconnect a wide variety of veil movements

In this 14-week session we will additionally work on 2 other sections of a routine, namely, the Middle and the Chiftetelli sections. This will help students to develop their listening skills as well as their ability to focus the intention of their dance inward or outward. Please note that once a student has completed her first Intermediate class she can book a special 1hr private session with Barb, at no cost, in order to assess where she is at in her personal dance journey.

As always, historical & cultural information about the art form will be shared during the session. If the need arises, we will dance together in a bilingual class. Students will be given opportunities to perform the improvisation skills and the choreography learned in class. The details for performances will be shared at a later date.

Pre-requisites: A student must complete a Beginner class at Studio Sephira or the equivalent with another Bellydance teacher.

Storm cancellation policy: In case of inclement weather, replacement classes will be held on March 3rd and 10th.

Bellydance classes with Barbara Aubie at Studio Sephira for Fun, Fitness, Wellness or to Study of the Art of Bellydance.

Photo by James Vaughan

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